Online Marketing Strategy

Navigating The Digital Domain

Technology changes fast and online business owners must adapt with it.  One of our clients had phenomenal past success with Yellow pages Ads but realized a bit too late that those “glory days” are over.  Now they must adapt to new ways of promoting their brand in a very competitive market. By focusing on a few areas of expertise we have been able to make them a “Thought Leader” in a handful of niche areas and thus begin to rebuild their brand.  It takes time, but with consistent and focused effort we believe they will be able to restore their flow of new business and improve the quality of customers walking in their door.


I Think Therefore I am

I hear terms like Thought Leader and Personal Branding thrown around commonly these days.  But what do those really mean? Honestly, I see a lot of Thought Leaders… but sadly not a lot of Thought Doers.  I want people working for me who know how to think up great ideas… but also how to turn those ideas into action.  And don’t get me started on Personal Branding.  The famous movie line “If you build it they will come…” really isn’t necessarily true.  I have seen companies and people build amazing brands but when you dig deeper you find absolutely no substance. So, yes — if you build it they may come, but will they stay?