Transform Business Systems


Most System Implementations Make The Same Mistakes…

Whether you are building a new technology-based business or introducing new technology into your organization, there are many common implementation mistakes that cost time and money. Technology Choice, Stakeholder Buy-in, Timeline, Budget, User Adoption – any number of issues can lead to a failed implementation effort.  The Good News is we have the management experience to help you navigate these challenges and layout a road-map for success. Whether an individual project or long-term engagement we are here to assist at any level – even filling interim executive roles such as CIO, CTO, CMO, or COO.

We have managed both small and large scale implementations — identifying needs, navigating challenges and ensuring successful outcomes.  Our hands-on, strategic planning approach evaluates your organization’s near and long-term requirements, existing technologies, perceptions and attitudes to develop a path for acquiring and implementing technologies. Our expertise related to the functional/operational management, and technology requirements combined with our knowledge of the vendor market, allows us to assist our clients throughout an efficient and complete system acquisition and implementation process.

Our extensive network of software architects, developers, project managers, software vendors and solutions providers allows us to respond quickly to your needs and plug the right people into the right holes.  We are “super-connectors” who know how to strategically tap our internal and external resources to find the people you need quickly, and affordably to achieve your goals.

Transforming Technology Processes

    • Technology Platform/Stack Research
    • Team Development & Outsourcing Strategy
    • Interim Executive Roles – CIO, COO, CMO
    • Vendor Selection
    • Planning & Execution
    • Business Process Management
    • Customer Life-Cycle
    • Project Management
    • Solution Implementation- Specializing in Healthcare EMR/HIS
    • SAAS/Cloud Application Strategies
    • Mobile Apps & Strategies
    • Advanced Website and CMS
    • B2B, B2C
    • eCommerce, eLearning