The Inner Circle

We have a select group of strategic partners and investments in our inner circle.  They get the majority of our time, talent and investment.  We equip these companies with vision, capital, and leadership to help them grow and succeed.  If you have a project or business idea and are seeking a strategic partnership or investment, please email your information for consideration to: partners@williamgwebster.com


mea SOLUTIONS is a team of digital business strategists and innovators. We specialize in the design, development, delivery, and support of online business initiatives and applications. They power business passion through innovative digital growth strategies, technology transformation and engaging online marketing initiatives.


The Action Bible

Based on the phenomenal bestseller The Action Bible, illustrated by DC and Marvel Comics artist Sergio Cariello, The Action Bible family of products help preteens understand and connect with the timeless truth of God’s Word. We are the Exclusive developers and distributors of the Digital Version of The Action Bible – Spanish Edition.


Epigenetic Solutions

A revolutionary science is sweeping the world of health, wellness and even psychology. Apart from our genome, we also have an epigenome. The understanding of epigenetics reveals a liberating world, where one is actually capable of reversing or altering genetic variances and living a life of wellness and wholeness.



An advanced Bluetooth beacon location technology designed for the Real Estate market. Engage new customers, improving and speeding the sales cycle.


Shift Tech Solutions

Shift Tech Solutions is a Technology Services company providing Personal Computer and Business Server Support. We use our depth of experience to help individuals and business enjoy the full benefits of technology, and work more productively and profitably.



iLearn is an unique education delivery model designed to bring distance learning to the world. The iLearn model was developed from years of interaction with various educators and educational systems. In addition iLearn draws from many years of experience in online technology and learning delivery.



RPO PROS successfully tailor human capital solutions to meet a range of requirements. No matter how big or small, they will help you achieve your recruiting goals through a proven Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model. Whether you want a comprehensive enterprise RPO solution that enhances your process or would rather us assist you with just part of the hiring process, we’ll deliver the project with the maximum level of efficiency and accountability.


La Moda Designs

La Moda provides high quality, hand beaded appliqués and fabric that are never glued and are always ethically designed and produced. Designed and made by Indian artisans, these pieces are truly a work of art.